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DFL Enterprises, Binghamton, NY

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IT News

Windows XP and Vista are officially obsolete.  Let us help you upgrade/transition affordably.

Laptop and Desktop Computer Repair, Resale, and Recycling Services

DFL Enterprises has over 15 years experience in computer and electronic repair and recycling and specializes in all facets of laptop and desktop computer hardware repairs and can sometimes repair the parts themselves, as a cost effective solution, when applicable or necessary.  These repairs include DC Jack and Plug replacements, Motherboard repairs of various kinds (including GPU repairs and capacitor replacements), LCD backlight repairs/ bulb replacements, repair of drives (including data recovery in some cases), hinge and casing repairs or replacements, etc.  In addition to our many hardware repairs, we also offer very affordable system reloads and removal of viruses/malware, and we can often backup/restore your data when a system reload is necessary.  We service PC's from all generations, and occasionally do Apple/Mac repairs too.

Malware/virus removal is usually a friendly $30-40 cost, and only slightly more when a Windows reinstall is necessary.  Motherboard related repairs are generally $50 labor plus parts, and include inspection/cleaning of cooling system.  LCD replacement and other related repairs are $30-50 labor plus parts, depending on the model/design of the machine. 


We also resell computers, used parts, and other electronics that we have refurbished and recertified, having inspected for reliability before sale.  In addition, we also accept unwanted items of this sort for either salvage of parts or recycling, and can assure our customers that (1) all drives or other memory devices are either securely erased or otherwise destroyed and that, (2) all non reusable materials are properly sorted for their appropriate, environmentally-friendly recycling/disposal.

Strategies and Planning

Our philosophy is to provide timely, experienced, high quality service that is also as affordable as possible so you can get the maximum lifespan from your computers and other electronics.  This not only helps your wallet, but also helps the environment by helping to eliminate unnecessary, premature replacement of your items (Why recycle an item if it can be repaired or even cleaned/reloaded and restored to full functionality?)  Taking it a step further, we can often refurbish to resell or part out your unwanted items, making less waste, and then only recycle that which has absolutely no usefulness.  We truly Reduce-Reuse-Recycle.  Our primary objective is repair and resale, so recycling is offered as a courtesy service (usually free) to our customers and neighbors, therefore we generally don't do high volume recycling, as we are not setup for handling truckloads of recyclables.  However, we do welcome personal and small business levels of this material for processing and we can direct you to those who can volume beyond our current capacity.

Technology Assessments

We offer either free or very low cost evaluation of your projects to determine if the repairs are worthwhile before the repair process begins.  We do our best to advise of all repair options including implementation of upgrades during the repair process when appropriate.



When repairs are agreed upon and payment/ordering arrangements are made, we then do our best to ensure parts are acquired quickly and that installation of them is done promptly upon their receipt from shipment. We then notify the customer promptly upon completion of the service.

Additional services

  • We offer advice and services for upgrades
  • We offer advice and service for preventative maintenance
  • We can help you determine when your item has reached the end of its effective service life
  • We also do some housecall service for simple problems, such as internet connection difficulties, and minor system cleanups.  We recommend shop time otherwise (for time consuming problems) to help keep the cost low.  Most tasks involving more than 1hr. fall into the shop category.
  • Pickup/delivery of your project available within 45min drive radius (fuel reimbursement/ donation appreciated)
  • Most repairs are completed within 24-36hrs, except when cleanup scans take longer than usual to complete or when special non-stocked parts have to be ordered (most parts are received within a week or less).
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