DFL Enterprises, Binghamton, NY
DFL Enterprises, Binghamton, NY

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DFL Enterprises

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Windows XP and Vista are officially obsolete.  Let us help you upgrade/transition affordably.

About Us

DFL Enterprises has over 15 years experience in computer and electronic repair and recycling and specializes in all facets of laptop and desktop computer hardware repairs and can sometimes repair the parts themselves, as a cost effective solution, when applicable or necessary.  For these many years, we have been providing reliable services to individuals and small businesses in the the greater Binghamton area and beyond. Our comprehensive services provide clients with peace of mind that their items will have the longevity and performance often surpassing the OEM's intent.  DFL Enterprises provides cost-efficient solutions that simply make good sense.



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You can trust us with your service needs, because DFL Enterprises has been certified by recognized organizations in the industry. Click below to view the complete list of certifications.


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