DFL Enterprises, Binghamton, NY
DFL Enterprises, Binghamton, NY

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DFL Enterprises

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IT News

Windows XP and Vista are officially obsolete.  Let us help you upgrade/transition affordably.

Clients Rely on Us for Their Success

What are our clients saying about us? Read these testimonials to find out how DFL Enterprises has helped other businesses.

 DFL Enterprises has served hundreds of customers over the more than 15 years experience and many are repeat customers who are very satisfied with the friendly, affordable, timely, skilled service.  We do honest, quality service and strive for excellence in what we do and hope you will consider us for your computer and electronic repair needs.  We are also not ashamed to admit if a project is beyond our capabilities or handling capacity and will gladly try to direct you to the appropriate service facility in those cases, should they arise.   

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